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Project Description
image curation program

Image Curator is a collection of tools intended to help classify images in a large archive. The first tool we have developed in ArchiveProc. This allows domain experts to create annotated datasets of images by drawing boundaries around features (image objects) in each image and assign values to a set of properties specified for both for the image and the features.

The target application for this tool is the analysis of ovarian ultrasound images in the UKCTOCS archive. This work is part of ongoing research into screening for ovarian cancer at the Institute for Women's Health, University College London (UCL). The contribution of the following is gratefully acknowledged:
  • Institute for Women’s Health, UCL
    • Dr. Christopher Jones (principal supervisor)
    • Prof. Usha Menon (secondary supervisor)
    • Prof. Alexey Zaikin
    • Dr. Andy Ryan
    • Mrs. Gwen Fletcher
    • Dr. Alex Gentry-Maharaj
    • Dr. Matthew Burnell
  • Create Health Clinic
    • Professor Stuart Campbell
    • Ultrasound Subcommittee
    • Sonographers
    • Volunteers
  • Funding Bodies
    • Eve Appeal
    • Medical Research Council
    • Cancer Research UK
    • Department of Health

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